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Welcome to LifeLaunch! the career development course that teaches you to get a job and get a life.


LifeLaunch! is an online program that helps recent college graduates learn the skills to land a professional track position. The program consists of 9 modules which can be completed in any order.


About Us

LifeLaunch! was created by Donald Asher and associate, Jason Morris to help you, a recent college graduate, advance your career.

Don Asher

Donald Asher is an internationally recognized author and speaker on the topics of careers and higher education. QuintCareers dubbed him “America’s Job Search Guru” and named him a Career MasterMind.


He is well known as the author of many career help guides, including Cracking the Hidden Job Market, The Overnight Resume, How to Get Any Job, Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why, and the best-selling guide to getting into graduate school, Graduate Admissions Essays.

Avoiding your career dumpster


targeting a job

resumes and cover letters

posted openings

the hidden job market


salary negotiations - juggling multiple offers


onboarding - Positioning yourself for a promotion